What is Hunk?

Hunk is a new kind of strategic marketing agency designed from the ground up to help small and medium businesses thrive through a sustainable, collaborative approach to marketing and growth.

As a modern business owner or manager, you’re time-crunched, cash-strapped, and expected to be an expert on content, SEO, digital marketing, and a thousand other things. For many businesses that means marketing isn’t effective, or just doesn’t get done. This makes growth a huge challenge. It’s our mission to help you market better.

How we work

Most small businesses take a magic bullet approach to marketing. That means picking a tactic (usually social media marketing, web design, or digital advertising), hiring a specialist (or doing everything yourself), and hoping for the best. This usually results in a beautiful website, campaign, or video that builds no longterm value, and often leaves businesses wary of marketing investment.

We don’t believe in magic bullets. At Hunk, you work with a dedicated 360° marketing strategist over a full year, whose job it is to understand your business, improve your marketing, and collaborate to build the sustainable capabilities you need to help you grow.

We call it a partnership subscription; an innovative pricing and service model that allows us to bring a diverse set of big marketing agency benefits to small and medium-size businesses in a way they can actually afford.

Client stories

Since the 1960s, this iconic family-owned retailer had relied on traditional product marketing to engage a seemingly endless supply of memory-makers, artsy travel dads, and aspiring fashion photographers, not to mention a stable market of wedding and portrait pros. But in 2014 the bottom fell out of the global camera market, and Henry’s was faced with an existential crisis.

A group of Henry's retail associates from the We Are All Creators campaign
Discount Car Rentals Canada Unlimited Campaign Image

Started in an empty steel-town parking lot with guts and half a dozen cars over 40 years ago, Discount had grown into a thriving family-run organization. Sales relied heavily on local promotions, however, and management felt they could never take their foot off the gas. Discount needed to find a way to modernize their marketing in a way that made sense for them. 


We'd love to work with you

If you want to leverage the power of integrated marketing strategy for your small or medium business, let’s talk. In your free consultation we’ll dig directly into your business challenges in order to spark insights and observations that might define the year ahead.

Working through Covid-19

Consultations are by phone or video during Covid-19. Contact us for more information about how we can work together through the health crisis.